Text a Psychic

Text a PsychicWant a quick psychic answer to your question?  Want to text a psychic?

Well you’ve come to the right place!

You can discover hidden answers right now by texting my gifted clairvoyants.

My psychic text team are on standby from 9am to 12pm to provide you with amazing answers to all your questions and queries, and the service is only £1 per text making it one of the best value discount UK text readings.

Text PENNY followed by your question to 60016
Texts cost £1 per message + standard network rate Max 2 messages per reply.

SMS Replies max 2 messages long (£2), most answers do require 2 replies. There may be from time to time free promotional messages sent to your phone, to opt out and stop them just text the word ‘stop’ to 60016.

You must be over 18 to use this service and you must view this service as for entertainment only. Service provider PHOENIX SMS Ltd Manchester. 

Our customer service number is 0800 0356780.  We aim to take your call right away but if we are busy we will respond to your recorded message within 24 hours.


How to text my clairvoyants:

1. Take a moment to think about exactly what you want to know


2. Text ‘PENNY‘ followed by your question to 60016 (£1 per message received max 2 messages and standard message rate)


Example Question: PENNY when will I meet my soulmate?


3. You can also add your name and date of birth if you want to assist them tuning into to you – optional)


3. Wait a few minutes while my psychic tunes into your questions


4. Receive your psychic answer!

Why text a psychic?

If you’ve come to this page, you’ve got a question on your mind, and if it’s something that can be answered within 1-2 texts then we can help!

Although phone readings are ideal for complex and longer questions, for quick questions and answers…

Texting a psychic is ideal as it’s:

  • Quick and easy,
  • Much cheaper than a phone call
  • Great if you don’t feel like speaking to anyone
  • Convenient – you can do it whenever and wherever!
  • Good fun!

So give us a text now to quickly find out what you really want to know at a cheap price!


What kind of questions do people ask?

The most common questions tend to be about love & relationships, friends, fame, and career.

You can also get creative with your questions – perhaps you can’t decide which friends to see tonight, whether to accept an offer someone has made, or you want to know a bit about someone’s personality or get a glimpse of what they are thinking? Maybe you want to know if you will go travelling or on holiday?

Our top 10 questions:

  • Does he or she fancy me?
  • Will he or she ask me out soon?
  • Can I trust …..
  • Is my friend/partner cross with me?
  • Will my singing career be successful?
  • Will I become famous?
  • Will I meet someone soon?
  • Is he or she cheating on me?
  • Is my band going to make it?
  • Will I pass my exams/interview?

Whatever your questions and queries, my text a psychic service can help, so get in touch now and one of my clairvoyants will message you back with your answer in just a couple of minutes!

Penny xx

Text PENNY followed by your question to 60016 

Texts cost £1 per message + standard network rate.

SMS Replies max 2 messages long (£2). Most answers do require two replies. Over 18′s only. T & Cs apply. Customer Service No: 0800 0356780. For entertainment purposes only.