My Angel Was a Dragonfly – Angels are Everywhere!

Posted on: December 2nd, 2012 by Penelope
My Angel was a Dragonfly - How to Find Your Angels

My Angel Was a Dragonfly

If you want to know how to find your angels, and how an angel disguised as a dragonfly helped my friend, then this article is for you.

In truth, your angels are always with you.  But sometimes you may not realise that this, because these light beings can show themselves in any form, particularly if they feel we are not ready to see them in their true light.

Here is a touching personal account from a good friend of mine about an experience he had as a child that was later revealed to him as an angel visitation.


Angels are always with us whether we recognise them as such or not.

My first encounter with an Angel was when I was around 9 years of age. I was an angry; confused, frightened child. My Parents had divorced and two of my elder sisters had Married and left the family home.

Why did the people who supposedly love me keep leaving? Who would be next?” I wondered and worried.

Heavenly Angel Experience

One afternoon, my sisters and their boyfriends took me to Liverpool city centre for a day out, but somewhere along the way I became separated from them and wandered off.

I was found by the police at 10pm sitting on a roundabout outside the Liver Buildings at one of the busiest intersections in and out of Liverpool.

At that moment I was totally oblivious to everything around me including the approaching police men because I was transfixed by a dancing Dragonfly zip zipping around and holding all of my attention, and I remained so, right up until the Policeman said “ are you ok son, are you lost?”

At which point the magic that had held me enthralled seemed to shatter, I suddenly realised my predicament and started crying and said I wanted to go home.

For years later it was a family joke how I had wandered off and where I had been found.

The Dragonfly Returns

My story now moves forward thirty years, a lot has happened in my life; time in the care system, time in the military, time in prison, substance abuse – over 18 years of it.

I had arrived at a point of collapse on all fronts; physically, mentally, emotionally, and (though I had no real concept of the word at the time) – spiritually as well.

I was under threat of being imprisoned again but was offered a deal, I would be allowed to stay on the streets as long as I agreed to be drug tested everyday, and engage with drug councilors and relapse prevention programmes, which I did.

Garden Guardian Angel

Garden Guardian Angel

It was during this time that I connected with the concept of self healing. I began to use meditation as a way of looking at the past and letting it go.

I was using various techniques one of which was Angel meditations. The Angel meditation I was working with was to comfort and give strength to my inner child. The technique was to go into the solar plexus were the inner child could be found and to show yourself to your inner child as proof that you had made it.

When I went into my solar plexus with my angel guide, the inner child I encountered was sitting on a roundabout outside the Liver buildings staring not at a Dragonfly, but at a little Angel zipping about whispering in my ear.

And my Angel guide was saying “Hey, why the tears? You did exactly what we told you to do. Look here you are, you made it”. and the little Angel whispering into my ear was telling me to “investigate; experience, and evolve”.

And I had, and still am, I have encountered Angels in human form on two occasions, that I am sure of, but they are stories for another time, and I believe guides or Angels can take any form.

We just have to be open to recognising them.



Thanks for this great article Hymn, I hope you all enjoy it and if you would like to know how he connected with his angels through meditation make sure to bookmark us and visit again soon!

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