Is Time Traveling Ever Possible?

Posted on: March 28th, 2017 by Penelope

Since the dawn of time, man has looked at the future with longing. We have always wanted to see what it holds. Man has also wanted to travel back in time to see what has happened in the past. We want to see our past lives. We also want to see the great events that have unfold in eons past.

Various text, books, stories and art have been attributed about the possibility of time traveling. Scientists like Einstein and even Stephen Hawking have looked into the existence of the Time and Space Continuum.

Both great and simple minds have thought of traversing time. The discovery of the unknown and the possibility of being able to see what lies ahead and what lies back in the past is enchanting.

What is Time Traveling?

Time traveling is the ability to move forward or backward in time. Some scientists look at it with possibility but only see it if the physical human body is able to do so. However many shamans, spirits, witches, healers and people of different spiritual beliefs view this possible through other methods.

Science, religions and spiritism look at time and the ability to travel through it differently. But the gist of it they both see it as possible.

Building a Time Machine

If you view time traveling through the eyes of science, you will need a form of mechanism in order to jump from one time to the other. Einstein says that it is only possible to travel forwards in time, that is if you can move faster than it.

This particular machine would need to be able to de-molecularize in order to move faster than time. It should allow you to de-molecularize as well. This is because time moves so fast that heavy molecules cannot be carried on it.

In the year 1895, H.G. Wells wrote the book The Time Machine. He wrote how a machine was able to carry man into the future and how the future looked like. But in his story, he relates how man can destroy himself and others around him.

Ways of Time Traveling

As a believer of both science and mystics, I believe that there are several ways to traverse time and space. In the present time, the physical human body is not yet able to move through periods of time but the spirit may.

Physical time traveling will allow more to experience it and also would give the travel a conscious mind to comprehend it. However spiritual travel is also possible. Some are able to experience it. However, it may not be for everyone.

1. Cryogenesis – Cryogenesis is the ability to freeze the human body or the human brain and revive it. Scientists are divided on this matter. Some hold it true, however some say it is impossible to revive the human body after it has been frozen.

Through cryogenesis, a person can be kept whole be awaken in the future. This may not be literal time traveling but it does allow a human being to experience the far future.

As of the moment, there is no technology invented yet to revive those who have chosen to be frozen at time of death but it may be possible in the future. In that time, the technology for physical time travel may also be invented.

2. The time machine – A time machine can allow us to jump from period to period. This machine may be like a ship or may be a gateway that would allow people to walk into different millenia backwards and forwards.

3. Astral projection – Many earth religions that are related to pagan practices tells of the ability of the spirit to travel beyond where the body cannot reach. They say that the spirit moves like the wind and can move back in time. A practiced astral projector can do more than visiting places, he may be also be able to jump from the past to the future.

4. Hypnosis – Past life hypnosis has known to be done in order to allow people to see who they were in the past. Some hypnotists that this can allow people to view the future and even experience it.

5. Chanting and meditation – Some Yoga practitioners say that meditation allows them to clear their soul to the point of allowing it to travel through time.

Shamans chant and sing songs around the fire while consuming ahayuska plants in order to liberate their souls and travel through planes of different eras. They look and see into the future and bring back word to their tribes.

Can You Do Time Traveling

Physically, as of this moment it is not yet possible to go to the past or future. However your spirit may. You can see what lies ahead through spiritual practices. Psychics are able to see the fabric through time as well.

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