How to Access the Akashic Records

Posted on: November 13th, 2012 by Penelope
How to Access the Akashic Library

How to Access the Akashic Library

You may have heard of the Akashic Records, but perhaps you are wondering what exactly are they, (are they really a giant magic library??) how can you get to them, and why should you care?

Find out all these things & more in this article!

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akasha – otherwise known as the Akashic Records, resides within the subconscious and indeed within all things, but many people view it in different ways.

Some visualise it as as a vast psychic library containing all knowledge and the history of the cosmos, whilst by others it is seen as a psychic internet.

Many Pagans, including the famous Wiccan writer Scott Cunningham believe that Akasha is the fifth element, a spiritual energy force often simply called ‘spirit’, that pervades all living things and all the other elements.

Catholics speak of St Peters ledger, while others view it as a level of consciousness.

I believe that rather than a tangible library, the Akashic Records can be thought of as a higher level of consciousness that can be accessed, and through it some of the infinite wisdom of the universe can be revealed to us.

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What’s the benefit of accessing the Akasha?

I found that by obtaining a conscious relationship with the subconscious mind I became more aware of the subtle influences (intuition; forethought, synchronicity, etc) at play in my daily experience, and gained access to higher levels of understanding, knowledge, and wisdom.

So how can I access the Akashic Records?

There are a number of ways that you can do this.  Astral projection is one, another is under deep hypnosis. Ultimately the way to access the Akashic Records is by opening a conscious connection with the subconscious mind.   Here’s how you do it:

  •     prepare yourself for meditation;
  1. sit comfortably,
  2. calm and center your breathing, and
  3. ground yourself (imagine roots entering the Earth from the soles of your feet anchoring and securing you to Mother Earth)

Taoist tradition refers to the pineal gland as the Crystal palace and identifies saliva as being the fluid of the Crystal palace. This excercise shows you how to use these parts of you to gain the higher knowledge contained in the Akasha.

  •     Cultivate your awareness at the Crystal palace
  •     At the same time building a body of saliva in the mouth (run the tongue around the gums and palette)
  •     When the mouth is full of saliva, bring your awareness down from the Crystal palace into the body of saliva
  •     Take the saliva down into the stomach in one gulp, dragging your awareness down into the solar plexus

Meditation for Higher KnowledgeI’ve found this to be a really powerful exercise, and when used together with affirmations you will soon begin to see great results!

What Affirmation Should I Use?

Coming up with an affirmation is a personal thing and is where you can set your intention and desires, so make sure you know what it is you actually want to know about!

The affirmation I use daily is “Everything that I need comes to me, everything I need to know is revealed to me. There is no new knowledge, all is ancient and infinite. And I give thanks for this wisdom everyday”.


Take the time to make the connection with the subconscious mind, build up a LARGE body of saliva and gulp it down in ONE.

Enjoy the practice and always remember to keep yourself grounded during the exercise, and to bring yourself back into your body when you finish by gently moving the fingers and toes.

As with most things worth doing it takes a bit of practice to feel the full benefits, but persist with it and you will begin to notice big changes within yourself, and your psychic intuition and abilities will grow stronger and easier to access.

Good luck!


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