Free Online Playing Card Tarot Oracle

Free online playing card tarot oracleTarot cards are a very popular method of divination, and many people also like to use oracle cards as well, but did you know that you can predict your future using playing cards, and indeed any kind of card can be used?

Here you can find my fun free psychic reading online tool where you can get a three card reading using a normal deck of cards.  This reading is computer generated, and for a real reading it’s best to give us a phone call or text, or try out a video chat psychic, but if you just want a fun free reading, or want to learn about how to use playing cards for psychic and clairvoyant readings, this is perfect.

Make sure to concentrate hard on your question when you use this. 

Click here to get your free online 3 card psychic reading!

If you enjoy it why not assign your own meanings to playing cards (or use the ones in this tool) and give it a go for yourself with a pack of cards that you have lying around!

Have fun!