Here are some of the most frequently asked (or thought about) questions (well we are clairvoyants don’t ya know ūüėČ

If you have a question not listed here please send it over and I will answer it and add the question here if appropriate.

I feel too chat to a psychic, what should I do?

Everyone is very friendly and understanding here at Penelope’s Clairvoyant Readings, we all know how nerve wracking it can be to get a reading when you are new to it, so try not to worry!

However if you are feeling like you would rather text talk to a psychic, why not try a cheap psychic text reading

What If I don’t like the advice?

My psychics are trained to give empowering advice that actually allows you to choose your own destiny.¬† For instance you might want to know whether to accept a new job offer.¬† The reader can give you an idea of what your future will be like if you do accept the job offer and if you don’t.¬† This is the key to understanding the point of psychic readings.¬† If the future was totally fixed then there would be little point in getting a reading.¬† So what I am saying is that you have the power to control your own destiny, but my readers will help you understand what options you have.

What tools do your Psychics Use?

My readers use a variety of tools and methods to predict the future and sense the energies around a certain situation.¬† The word ‘Clairvoyant’ technically means to be able to see the future.¬† This can manifest in various ways – some people get a vision in their head, some people use a crystal ball to project an image onto.¬† Other methods and divination tools that they use include Tarot and Angel Card Readings, Pendulums, Spirit Guides, Astrology, Numerology, Crystals and Runes.

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