Clairvoyant Readings – What to Expect

Clairvoyant Readings by PenelopeIf you’ve never had a psychic reading before, don’t worry, you’re going to like it!

I’ve written this guide to let you know exactly what a psychic reading entails and what it can and can’t help you with.

I remember getting my first psychic reading, many years ago and feeling so nervous.

What was the reader going to be like?  Would I like the advice?  Would I feel shy to discuss my life with a stranger?

If these or any other fears are running through your mind, then rest assured that I have chosen my psychics to be very kind, caring and welcoming.

What a Psychic Can help you with:

You can get guidance and advice in many areas of your life.  Most common reasons for consulting a psychic are:

Love and relationship issues

Perhaps communication has broken down with your loved one, or maybe you’ve just met someone but you need to understand them and their motives better.  Many people also call us when they are looking for love.  We can tell you when the next special person is likely to come into your life, and help you maximise the chance of meeting them.  My psychics can also advise you on whether you can and even should consider getting back with your ex, or whether it’s best for you to move on.

Career and Money Matters

Do you want to know where your career is headed, or whether to accept a new job offer, or business partnership?  Many people ring when they are thinking of making a change in their career, or even when looking for inspiration to change their life’s work.

Psychics can give you great advice here, and can also detect flows of money as well so may be able to tell you if your financial situation is going to change.

Life Guidance

If you are feeling unsure of your life path, or feel as though you are in need of direction, a psychic reading can be a great way to get back on the right track.  Combining impartial advice with psychic insight, your clairvoyant will draw out the qualities that you will need to express to find contentment.

He or she will also suggest practical ways to get you back on track, from suggesting activities to do or places to go, and even offering resources such as good books or websites to look out for, to really help you change your life.  A good clairvoyant will provide a truthful but uplifting reading.


Other matters that psychics can help you with

There are so many things you can get help with, but here are some of the common ones:

  • Dream Interpretation
  • Spiritual Matters
  • Finding your animal guide
  • Lost items
  • Mediumship
  • Pets


What to expect

DO expect actionable ideas that you can use to change your life
think changes will happen by themselves, you have to choose to action them

DO expect that the psychics will have been tested for psychic skill
DON’T expect 100% accuracy, any site that claims to offer that is not being truthful with you

DO expect psychics to be there for you when you need them
DON’T start calling all the time or spending more money than you need to

DO feel free to contact a psychic for money advice
DON’T spend what you can’t afford or listen to any psychic who offers to do a money spell for you

DO contact a psychic for spiritual and emotional healing
DON’T expect a psychic to cure your ailments


Want more info?

I hope you’ve found this post useful, let me know if there is anything else that you want to know about clairvoyant readings!

If you’ve got more specific questions about what happens when you call us, or you feel shy then take a look at my Frequently Asked Questions.

Love, Penelope