About Me

About Penelope and Her ClairvoyantsHi I’m Penelope!

Welcome to my Clairvoyant Readings site, I hope you enjoy what you find, and there is plenty do do from checking out my psychic readers, getting an IM reading for free, trying my ‘Are you psychic test’, reading my self help articles and much more.

How did I become interested in clairvoyance?

Ever since I was a child I was fascinated by the power of the mind and psychic things.  I think it all started from sitting on my grandma’s knee and her reading my tea leaves for me.  I was entranced by the way that the pattern of the leaves could mean so many things, and loved to stair into my cup and try and work out what it was saying, unconsciously using my intuition thanks to her.

My grandmother was a strong influence in my life and taught me many things.  She never said she was a witch or healer or anything, but certainly she seemed to have mystical powers, and an uncanny healing ability and a way of knowing things that were not told to her.

As I grew up I became a student of the occult, learning about various methods of divination, and spiritual practices such as meditation.  I never quite had the patience to master the tarot cards though I do have a pack and often use them for contemplation about situations and people, reading them instinctively rather than using a book (I use the rider waite deck, a great one for any beginners due to it’s rich symbolism encoded in the imagery).

I do however use the pendulum to help guide my in every day decisions, and I also like to use creative visualisation to achieve my goals.

Why did I set up this site?

Over the years I’ve often consulted psychics, especially by phone as I feel less shy this way.  I have had a variety of experiences with this, better and worse, and after many years the idea came to me to set up my own site, with the help of my good friend Stormjewel, so that I could help others with my experience.

I’ve decided to have quite a small team of psychics, at least to start, as I really only want to select the best readers, both in terms of predictive ability and also being good counsilors, so you can be sure that your reading will be helpful.  I’ve got a lovely receptionist called Linda who knows my psychics well so if you need help choosing one she will be more than happy to assist you.

Why not take a look at my lovely readers now, or have a browse round the site, maybe try a free mini reading, read some self help articles, or get your daily horoscope!